Pomme my Trolley - Apple Sticker Giveaway

I found this great 1960s Hairdressers Trolley this morning at the Vide Grenier.
It was a little tired and dirty looking.
I took it home, cleaned it up and gave it a pomme makeover to freshen it up.
It's now all shiny and clean and sitting in the bathroom holding all our girlie bits.
I used some fab creative Pomme stickers to do this. I have 2 packs to giveaway.
Each sealed and new pack includes 10 apples.
3 x 15 by 16.7
3 x 12 by 13.4
4 x 9 by 10 cms.
Simply peel off the back and stick them wherever you want.
All you have to do is leave a comment here or over on Pomme de Jour Face Book.
I will announce the winners on Monday 4th of April.
Good luck.


miss pixie said...

How very fabulous, count me in, you know what they say...an apple a day...:)

Lotten said...

Ohh what a fabulos trolley... and the apples are wunderbaar! Count me in...