Alain Grée

Alain Grée, originally uploaded by lilyandagathe.

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Monsieur Alain Grée. Coming soon to Lily and Agathe are a selection of licensed products which are adorable. I can easily pick up Grée books here in France and my collection is growing. If you too are a fan then check out the website for heaps of Grée goodies... Meanwhile here is a mosiac I made using some of the great illustrations I have on my computerAlain Grée, originally uploaded by lilyandagathe.


Lark said...

Oh you managed to track them down, that's wonderful, Ik can't wait to see them!! Will defo buy some. Diid the parcels arrive?


trac said...

I love his little red fox :O)