The one about the jar of Spéculoos

Oh Spéculoos how I love and hate you !
No content with just sitting beside my coffee as a biscuit you are also spreadable in a jar, tempting me to spread you and eat you.

Your spicy yumminess is just so 'dippable'
You are a marriage made in heaven with my drop scones.
I am doomed !
Read all about it here and to make you own have a peep at this website here, they also sell wonderful moulds.
For further information please contact me at the local piscine where I can be found swimming thousands of lengths to work off this evil delight !

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Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Oh I know all about the evils of Speculoos - my sister went to Belgium on holiday and brought me back a jar, it is dangeroously tasty stuff!

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

oops that was a genuine typo, think the speculoos has gone to my brain (as well as my hips)!

Pomme de Jour said...

Have you still got some ? it's so good it's bad ;-)