Craft Book - All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens

All sewn up

My copy has finally arrived and I love it ! This book is extra special as Chloe is a loyal Pomme de Jour customer and two of my sourced wallpapers have been used in the book and some groovy cups. 

Keep Clean and stay cool apron

We have absolutely the same taste in fabrics and interiors and ça se voit !

Pretty-pleasy-sugar-on-top placemats

142 pages, with 35 exquisite projects using appliqué, embroidery and more.

Hop,skip, and a pair of oven mitts

Chloe's love of 1960s fabrics is evident, "I'm in love with with color and pattern and completely obsessed by the 1960s- a time when I think the vibrancy of color, pattern, and playfulness was at it's peak".

The not-at-all-folly dolly boy

She works in a sunny spare room-come studio at home and finds inspiration in everything around her.

Cordelia the curious owl pillow

All the projects in the book will inspire you to have fun, clash your prints, draw with the sewing machine and encourage you to make rather than buy gifts.

Beautifully bejeweled bird hanging

For more information visit Chloe's website here, read her blog and follow her on Facebook and Twitter

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Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Ooh that book looks wonderful! Not surprised she's a customer of yours, you get so much gorgeous 60s fabric! x