Design Book - Detalijer by Annika and Ulf Huett Nilsson

I want to show you one of my book bibles.
I've had it a while now thanks to the lovely Lotten who very kindly ordered and sent it to me from her  home in Sweden.

It has 192 pages with 650 photographs of Swedish homes in glorious detail.  The couple travelled the length of Sweden capturing the personal touches of scandinavian homes. 

Showcasing small details that personalize and define the heart of the home.

Including 32 photograph of the home of  Lotta K├╝hlhorn (click on the link to visit her home).

It is forwarded in Swedish and English and after that it is just page after page of delicious photographs.

From light switches and vintage wallpapers to bath taps and glass decanters.

More details here and buy it here


Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Ooh that looks lovely! Another one for the wishlist. Ta for sharing! x

H is for Home said...

What amazing, colourful photos - want, want, want! ;-)

...Tabiboo... said...

Gosh - that looks like a gorgeous book.

Happy weekend

Nina x

Lotten said...

That book is amazing... best ever!