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My blog has been taken over today by (in her own words) fabric addict, interiors obsessive, patchworker, quilter and fair-weather gardener Modflowers. From her home in Nottingham that she shares with her partner and 8 year old son she makes beautiful cushions for her Etsy shop, updates her blogTweets and Pins photos so delicious you'll want to click Like !

Frankly readers, you're in for a treat...

Danish Ladies - By Modflowers

When I was asked to write a guest blog post, after I'd finished smiling and congratulating myself, I admit; I inwardly panicked. Just a little.

After all, where was I going to find something to write about as nice as the vintage loveliness that appears on Pomme de Jour?

But then, sitting in my living room, I found the answer was staring me in the face. Literally. From up on my mantlepiece.
A couple of my favourite ladies. Perfect to share with friends of a vintage persuasion.

I bought these candlesticks a few years ago from online vintage emporium Winters Moon. When I saw them first, when browsing late one night, I virtually ran to get my purse out. I was even more delighted when her cousin appeared a couple of weeks later.

They were described as Danish ladies. I have been able to find out nothing more about them. You can imagine what sorts of things the interweb offers if you search for information about Danish ladies...
Made of papier mache, my Danish ladies are hollow, lightweight and two-faced. But not in a bad way. They each have one face on the front and one on the back of their heads. I wonder if they are supposed to be looking both forward and backward in time? 

The faces remind me of Bjorn Wiinblad's pictures. Their expressions are almost innocent - and unfathomable. They are allowed to hold candles only at Christmas. Just in case they get carried away and scorch their lovely heads.  After all, you do have to watch these enigmatic types.

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Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Oh they are lovely! Very Scandilicious, I've never seen anything identical but they definitely remind me of Bjorn Wiinblad's lovely designs. x