Policemen Of The World - Vintage Book - Richard Erdoes

Policemen around the world

I wanted to show you this rare book, written and illustrated by Richard ErdoesBorn in Vienna, Austria in 1912 he studied at the Berlin Academy of Arts, and later immigrated to the United States.

French edition 1969

'Policemen around the world' was from a series of 3 'Around the world' books by the same author.

Oh the London Bobby

Erdoes was also an illustrator for Life magazine and also illustrated 'Come over to my house' by Theo LeSieg which was also another pen name for Dr Seuss. 

New York traffic jam

The style is similar to another great illustrator of the time Miroslav Sasek

This is a 1969 French edition in a perfect condition, the illustrations are fantastic, you can find the book here

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