Pomme de Jour - Finding My Mojo

Help, I've lost my blogging mojo !  Mainly  because I am busy and I would rather say nothing than write rushed posts.. I am going to try and find my mojo as of now.... I've also been redecorating my bathroom from scratch. It was gutted as I was finally in the position to do something about it after living with hideous 1970s blue tiles for years. Don't get me wrong, I love 1970s tiles like the next person but these were just wrong !! Now its very right... What do you think ?

(1) Fish canvas I made from vintage wallpaper hexagons  ( 2) 70s apple towel and fishy bags   (3) Painted shelves eau de rose  (4) 1970s apple mirror ( 5) Restored unit, found in the street  (6) 70s apple and juice vase ( 7) vintage glass lamp shade (8) funky shower curtain (9)  view


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

I love it, don't worry we all drop our mojo from time to time! :) x

H is for Home said...

Looks fab Tanya - love your pomme mirror!