Pomme de Jour - Travel Journals

Vintage photo envelope

I found this on my recent travels at the bottom of a box and just had to have it.  I fell in love with the illustrations and the idea that photos had been picked up from the shop in this pretty little envelope. In fact there are still some negatives inside.

Crinkled but much loved

I just knew I could use the idea for something et voila !

Pomme de Jour Travel Journal set

A vintage wallpaper covered Travel Journal complete with matching souvenir envelope.

With vintage wallpapers

Pop it into your suitcase when traveling and write of your adventures and collect all your souvenirs from your trip in the matching envelope.

Room for all your holiday souvenirs

Postcards, tickets, special shops, menus, they will all fit into the special envelope.

Pomme de Jour

I am going to make a few with my different papers and they will be sold in my Etsy Shop.

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