Soup Tuesday On A Wednesday - British Onion Soup

British onion soup recipe
Ok so I know it's wednesday but I didn't have time yesterday. Every tuesday chez moi (time permitting) my friend Christine and I have a bowl of soup together.  It's a chance to catch up and for me to try a new soup recipe or simply eat an old favourite.

With a brown bread baguette.

In my house I am the 'Reine of soups', I adore making them and the girls eating them. I shall try and keep up the 'Soup Tuesday' posts with photos and recipes. This take on the French onion soup uses cider instead of cognac and white wine. Perfect for vegetarians if you use a veggie stock instead of chicken, have a go, it's delicious !

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Kaz O'Reilly said...

That looks delicious Tanya and one I'm going to try soon as just picked up a huge bag of onions for a euro!! Num num num!
Merci x