Pomme de Jour - Broken Heart !

Heart mugs

I found these two fabulous W German super large 1970s heart motif mugs at the vide yesterday. My heart skipped a beat when I saw them, I saw 'Soup Tuesday' written all over them. I popped them into my carrier bag and continued hunting whilst dreaming of the delicious soups I would pour into them or the creamy cappuccinos I would make in them.

6 Green tins

I then found these 1970s green flowery tins, they will be going onto the sites so you can snap one up and then these fabulous Mid Century curtains.

Atomic leaves

I've already listed these gems over on Pomme de Jour Ebay along with other fabrics I found, like this..

70s blues

And this ....


But it wasn't all good news. On arriving home my carrier fell out of the car and my large heart mug broke !! Oh how I shed a silent tear ! I refused to let it go, it's on the shelf,with it's back turned, waiting for me to put it back together. Anyone recommend a good glue ? !! 


Lauren Halliday, Filmed to the Brim said...

What a shame about your heart mug, it's so cute! I love those green tins, I just saw them on facebook! Lauren xo

Pomme de Jour said...

I will mend it Lauren don't worry and it shall be of some use, I can't possibly let it go. Thanks for stopping by :)