Pomme de Jour - It's all Bananias !

In 1912 Pierre-Francois Lardet travelled to Brazil and decided to take a detour by Nicaragua who at that time was in the middle of a civil war. Taking refuge in a little village by a lake in Manague he was treated like a King by the locals who offered him food and drink. One drink stayed in his memory, a blend of bananas, flour, crushed cereals, cocoa and sugar called 'Tchocoalt'.  He was unable to secure the recipe from the villagers who guarded it jealously so he left without the recipe but with a burning desire to recreate the drink once back in France.

On his return aided by a Pharmacist friend and his wife Blanche he set about recreating the drink he couldn't forget.  Two years later in 1914 it was launched. The name was the result of several attempts to find the spirit of the drink "Bananose - Baba-Cacao - Banarica - Bacao and Bananette being a few choices abandoned before Banania was born. 

The recipe hasn't changed much over the years, today it contains 3 types of cereal and honey.  Mixed with a little cold milk and then warm milk it is the perfect  'Petit dejeuner'.
The tin has seen many faces including the famous illustration in the 1950s by HervĂ© Morvan and the G.Elisabeth version. These tins are a recent and rare find and date from the 1960s and show the crest version. 

You can read more about Banania on the website where you can find some yummy recipes and you can find these tins on Pomme de Jour Ebay.

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